Uk Missions ENSOSP

The National Fire Officers Academy's missions

...referred to in article 2 Decree of 7 June 2004

  • Initial and lifelong training for volunteer and professional firefighters ;
  • Fire training and rescue, trainings intended to elected officials, civil servants, business executives, French or foreign experts ;
  • Animation of the network of the 65 local or regional firefighters schools, coordination between "préfets de zone" (multiregional prefects), trainings, actions and researches insured by these schools ;
  • Research, studies, evaluation, prospective, competitive intelligence as well as broadcasting of information related to civil protection ;
  • International cooperation especially in research and training.

The National Fire Officers Academy abroad

The National Fire Officer academy takes part in the frame of governmental demand and operations of cooperative partnerships. The academy is sharing and exporting its French know-how. Favored places are Europe, Mediterranean destinations and a specific request on each continent.

Each year, the National Fire Officers Academy :

  • Organizes training abroad
  • Hosts foreign delegations
  • Integrates foreign trainees with French firefighters on the different sites
  • Suggests exchanges of trainees and instructors
  • Shares good practices in the international networks


The National Fire Officers academy specializations

  • Buildings fire prevention training
  • Operational management and command
  • Crisis and risk management
  • Medical training
  • Simulation (Vitrolles site, medical simulator, gas risk platform and information and communication technologies (ICT) development
  • National network of ressources and knowledge (PNRS)
  • CBRN training
  • Educational engineering and training
  • International action