The teaching centre (Aix-en-Provence)


The teaching centre covers 30 000 m², several areas are centralized around a pedestrian lane: classrooms, offices, a cafeteria and a restaurant, an accommodation area, a sports area and a car park.

- 34 regular classrooms (for 12 to 48 people), 15 multimedia equipped classrooms and special classrooms for table top exercises
- 2 auditoriums respectively for 300 and 100 people
- The Academy's library covering approximately 500 m²
- A restaurant with the capacity of 1 000 persons a day
- 450 single rooms with TV and Internet access
- Sports area: a dojo that covers 120 m² and a fitness room that also covers 120 m², an indoor gymna¬sium of 800 m², a stadium with football and athletic areas
- A parking for 400 cars
- Covers an area of 800 m², a stadium with football and athletic areas
- A 400 car park

The operational training centre (Vitrolles)


Inaugurated in 2008, the ENSOSP's operational training centre reproduces the entire panel of the operational situations: fire, rescue, man made risks, including 4 Fire and Rescue stations with 64 fire engines, all is supervised by a command and control centre. Especially dedicated to group leaders and command officers, this practical training centre reproduces various operational situations in different contexts.

- 23 ha built in a real sustainable development (water recycling, ecological charter, landscaped integration, use of renewable energy, 35 000 trees planted or preserved,etc.)
- A control room, an urban area, a main road and a motorway, a villa, a building (5 levels - 4 flours), a fire and rescue station covering an area of 500 m²
- Up to 8 exercises done at the same time
- Up to 300 scenarios
- 64 engines including : 3 ladders, 10 ambulances, 13 fire pumpers and 5 forest fire pumpers

The parisian centre (Paris)


The ENSOSP parisian site is devoted to fire safety conditions in constructions and industrial risks analysis and prevention. It covers 1200 m² and has 5 regular classrooms designed to train the firefighter's officers in charge of the fire safety in public buildings. It also welcomes conferences, meetings and trainings for fire and rescue senior executives.