ENSOSP, The French National Fire Officers Academy

// The French National Fire Officers Academy

The French National Fire Officers Academy (ENSOSP) has trained over 25 000 professional officers :

  • from the rank of Lieutenant to General controller ;
  • officers and professionnal and volunteer fire officers as well as health service officers (nurses, doctors, pharmacists, veterinarians).

The French National Fire Officers Academy is a national public administration. It depends upon the General Directorate for Civil Protection and Crisis Management (DGSCGC), the Interior Ministry.
Its governance is shared with territorial authorities, staff representatives and the State.

The Academy was created 34 years ago to Nainville-les-Roches. The “new ENSOSP”, was officially inaugurated to Aix-en-Provence in 2011 by President of the Republic, Nicolas SARKOZY.


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// The French National Fire Officers Academy promotes the values of the profession

  • Human values (devotion, courage, commitment) wich are the foundation of the identity of the firefighters and all those who work at the National Fire Officers Academy.
  • Professional values (equality, efficiency, adaptability, continuity, honesty, exemplarity) which are the bases of all of the civil servant action.
  • Republican values (freedom, equality and fraternity) because The National Fire Officers academy is a school of the French Republic.

// Figures in 2019

  • 200 agents
  • 6 000 officers formed per year
  • 1 115 external instructors
  • On average 380 trainees on site
  • 65 000 nights per year
  • More than 180 000 meals per year
  • A budget  of 29.7 million euros