An institute that promotes firefighters’ fundamental values

Although the necessity of modernity is evident we, by no means, neglect the generations-to-generations tradition and respect of republican, professional, and human values. In fact, the Academy puts an emphasis on the importance of these values with all its partners. The very first of these values is our heritage transmission of liberty, equality, fraternity, solidarity, courage, devotion, equity, loyalty, effectiveness, commitment, respect, etc. Indeed, these values are emphasized each day at the Academy.

- A formal ceremony uniting both trainees and personnel every Monday
- A graduation ceremony organized in June each year to finalize the end of training courses. The highlight of this ceremony is the “ENSOSP prizes” that reward the graduates with the best thesis.These prizes are the Academy’s way to promote scientific studies and graduates’ efforts all along their degree.
- Since 2006, the ENSOSP has taken part in the National Day’s parade in the Champs-Elysees.
- The ENSOSP’s flag and its guards representing the unity of all the French firefighters nationwide takes part in all ceremonies held by the Interior Ministry.

An institute open to the world

The ENSOSP aims to be the leader in multiple networks, in order to be at the heart of breakthrough knowledge’s integrations, exchanges, and identifications. As such, the Academy is an active member of :

- The network of various national schools of public utilities,
- The network of Fire and Rescue Services,
- The European Fire Service Colleges’ Association,
- The network of Fire and Rescue Services’ Schools,

The Academy’s international cooperation concentrates on the 4 following fields: firefighters’ trainings, civil protection, humanitarian assistance, and research and development projects.

Although the ENSOSP receives main commands from governmental authorities, the Academy also works closely with other partners such as Universities, National Engineering Schools, the National Schools of Public Health, and specialized institutes primarily in education and civil protection. The ENSOSP’s main working areas are Europe and Union for Mediterranean. Nevertheless, the importance of the rest of the world is one of our core objectives. In fact, each year, the ENSOSP welcomes international delegations from around the world and provides exchange programs for students; not to mention the trainings that we constantly organize in partner countries.

An anticipating institute

The ENSOSP puts a strong emphasis on the prospective and the development which help improve the quality of its educational programs and play an important role to support its users.

- Studies and research :
The Academy coordinates and participates in projects and research in related fields. The leading position of the ENSOSP can be observed through its actions in needs identification, tools selection and sharing, and practices optimization. The ENSOSP is considered to be the main leader in these mentioned areas.

- Lessons learned through experience :
By collecting and sharing feedbacks from past operations, the ENSOSP aims to attain excellence in education. It’s also one of our main missions to improve operational practices.

- A didactical and pedagogical way of thinking :
The ENSOSP daily contributes (in close relation with all the national actors of the Fire and Rescue services and of the Directorate of Civil Protection) to define and to design the entire training programs and the curricula for both the firefighters and the medical staff of the Fire and Rescue services. The ENSOSP contributes widely in the elaboration of the doctrines. This can be done thanks to our broad network of experts, trainers, and lecturers, on behalf of the Directorate of Civil Security.

- Resources and knowledge sharing :
The Academy’s library and its Internet website are the two pillars for resources and knowledge sharing. This is managed by notorious figures and thematic experts, with webmaster’s technical support. Several workshops, conferences, and seminars are organized as meeting occasions for all. These truly are valuable opportunities to share experience, working methods, and initiatives.